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At Eyelash Extensions Training Hawaii, we’re committed to encouraging attendees to continuously create, grow, and learn.

EEHA does not represent any lash supply company and strictly focused on your workshop and learning experience.


Private and Group eyelash extension training 

In house and Online training

Smaller group sessions for personal attention and different levels of learners.

- Newly Certified Attendees may repeat group workshop at no added charge as seats are available

- Continued support only a text away


Need to know:


All participants must understand all eyelash extension training will teach you the basics and will need to take the time to practice and make what you learn your own.


Who can partake in this training workshop?

In the State of Hawaii this eyelash extension training is open to anyone interested for self-knowledge or to explore the possibility to offer Eyelash Extensions as a service with the intention to pursue an Esthetician, Cosmetologist or Barbers License.


Where can I find detailed information:

Each State Board has a set of Rules and Regulations. Contact your State Board of Cosmetology.

It is the participant's responsibility to obtain and understand this information.


Does a participant need to attend a training workshop for eyelash extensions, held only at Esthetician, Cosmetology or Barber School?

This is causing confusion. The State Of Hawaii does not offer an Eyelash Extension "Licensing Program" at the moment. Feel free to contact Hawaii DCCA.

It is just a marketing concept for specific schools and beauty institutes.


An eyelash extension training workshop should be conducted at a Licensed Beauty Establishment: Beauty Salon or School.   Certificates of Attendance or Certificates of completion verifies you have attended an eyelash extension training, which are also required for Licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists or Barbers before being considered for hire to offer eyelash extensions services as a business.


Where are training workshops available in the State of Hawaii?

Eyelash extension training are available with visiting product lines, beauty schools, on-line and local lash extension businesses.

Resource and get to know the business, educator's background, and experience before you invest in your training. 

There are many opportunities for all, select which best suits your needs and learning mindset.

What to look for:

Verify your instructor retains:

An Esthetician or Cosmetology Instructor License

A Lash Artist Master Lash Educator Certification

Operates in a Licensed Establishment (Beauty Salon or property of Beauty School)

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